Yummy Breakfast Smoothies


A dear friend of mine with four kids mentioned to me that she makes breakfast smoothies. I laughed- at the time I had two kids – who has time to make smoothies in the morning? Then I realized that half the battle of a breakfast smoothie is getting out the blender. So once I tried it – we were all hooked! Now, the night before I get out the blender. In the morning the smoothie takes about as long as it does to pour three bowls of cereal. It’s full of Vitamin D, C and just a good way to start the day.

Even the husband grabs one on his way out the door!

Yummy Breakfast Smoothies

1 cup fat free greek yogurt or vanilla yogurt
1 cup frozen berries
½ cup orange juice or pomegranate juice
1 banana

Add yogurt and berries to blender.
Add Juice.
Add banana.
Garnish with your favorite straw and enjoy!

A few variations:

Always great to add fresh produce in the summer – add a few ice cubes to make it crunchy.
Frozen pineapple and mango are tasty
Add granola to make it a parfait
Sprinkle flax seed into the smoothie
Add prunes for those who need extra fiber
On special occasions I add a dollop of whipped cream


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