Snack Time…


When I pick up my kids from school and bring them home – they argue and whine and complain and are STARVING! I finally realized that after their long day they need something nourishing in their bellies IMMEDIATELY and then their attitudes change and they start acting like my kids again. The hardest part is figuring out what to give the kids for a snack that isn’t filled with yuck.

One Saturday afternoon the kids were hungry and I threw together a little appetizer for my husband and I, and a little platter of food for the kids, too. The kid appetizer was full of healthful food that filled them up appropriately, but left room for dinner. Since they were starving, they ate everything I put in front of them. When it came time for dinner – I wasn’t as concerned that they eat as much because I knew they had eaten a good fill of fruits and veggies.  So I started making this “appetizer” after school. I will serve them vegetables, fruit, nuts, and food that they might pick over at dinner.  I even made a huge bowl of steamed broccoli and the youngest, who has a harder time eating her broccoli, had eaten it.  Serve it up to your kids while they are doing their homework or watching their afternoon show. Hopefully this snack-time appetizer will keep the kids out of the kitchen and tide them over until dinner is served!

Here are some ideas for an afternoon snack:

steamed broccoli or edamame (my kids love popping the edamame out of the shell – you can buy it frozen and quickly steam it to be ready in 5 minutes)
a handful of nuts
sliced apples with peanut butter
carrots and hummus
sliced avocado spread on whole wheat toast with a dash of salt or just plain avocado
sliced cucumbers
pretzels with cream cheese
tortilla’s with peanut butter, honey, apples and raisins – rolled up and sliced into bite sized pieces
turkey “rolls” – deli turkey with carrots, cheese, avocado, hummus, cream cheese – whatever your kids will eat – stuck together with a classy toothpick
ham with cream cheese rolls
yogurt with a handful of granola
slices of cheese or string cheese
rice cakes spread with cream cheese and jelly, peanut butter and honey, or even hummus or salsa
marinated chickpeas – if your kids are a bit more adventurous
hard boiled eggs
quick breads: bran muffins, pumpkin bread

On the go:

Make your own trail mix – nuts, raisins, craisins, a few chocolate chips, pretzels – throw it all into a zip lock bag and shake it up. Have snacks on hand for the times your kids are hungry and you’re on the go.

grab a jam jar parfait

Share your favorite afternoon snack!!

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