About Us

Welcome to my  blog! I am mom to 3 delightful girls and I love to cook. I also love the idea of giving my kids wholesome nutritious meals. Even the most inspired chef can get frustrated at times – here are some questions that led me to the beginning of this blog!

How do I prepare one family meal and stop being a short order chef that caters to picky eaters?

How do I reduce dinnertime battles?

How do I reap the benefits of the efforts that go into preparing the family meal?

How do I let our children develop their own palate while at the same time teaching them about balance?

I value nourishing meals and the time spent with my family around the dinner table. However, as we all know, the five o’clock dinner hour can be the most challenging hour of the day. For me, and many of my friends, my aspirations of what I want my family to eat is not in line with reality. For example, four-cheese lasagna sounds like it would be appealing to our cheese pizza eaters. But, one kid doesn’t like tomato sauce, another won’t eat mixed foods and the next refuses pasta.

I created this website to link all of these valuable ideas together. Whether it is a new technique for cooking chicken, a specific marinade, different variety of rice or a family friendly Indian soup, something as small as this could expand your dinner repertoire and lead to a time you actually cherish. Dinnertime is one of the best opportunities for the family to connect and for parents to teach “homemade” values. It could be a time for cooking and eating together versus a battle of wills.

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope I can inspire a new family favorite at your house.

Sierra – Mom to Molly (7), Kasey (5) and Lucy (3)